Game guide

1. Panel "new game" (you can skip if you play for the first time)

It's starting panel. You can edit map or leave it untouched.

Section "Map"

Number of hexes on side - number of hexagons on board side

Unite lands - every hexagon gets type of most of surrounding hexagons.

In the subsection "Edit" you can choose the type of hexagons to "draw" on map.

"Regenerate" - hexagons are randomized. "Code" - read of write code of a map.

Section "Teams"

Click on a team, to activate it.

Click on a button "PLACE UNITS", to go on.

2. Panel "Unit placement"

To place units, click on a military mark from section "Battalions", and then on selected field on board.
You can put max 4 units on a field (it's a limit).

You can change size of unit by a slider "Size of an unit".

To delete an unit, click "REMOVE" button, and then on any unit on the board.

You can name your team by using a text field at the top of the panel.

Click on a button "NEXT TEAM", to work with another team.

Check "Equal distribution", to make a limit of units to place, based on number of units of current team.

Click "PLAY", to play. xd

3. Game panel (when nothing is selected)

To end turn, click a button "END TURN". You probably don't want to do it, so there are another possibilities.


You can select units and cities controlled by them.
There's an distinction, whether you click an unit, or remainding part of hexagon.

When there's more than one unit on a hexagon, you can "shuffle" them, by clicking more than one time.

4. Game panel (unit is selected)

Operations from menu

In game menu there's a range bar. By clicking it on correct place you can set a point to divide or develop the unit.
You can leave unit of size 10 (it's the smallest size to control a city effectively).
You can also merge it with anothen unit on a field or load it to airlift troops.

Operations on the board

Every unit acts differently, based on its type.
Based on type of movement there are: light, heavy, mountain (only one type), naval and aerial units.
Based on behaviour there are: normal units, anti-aircraft artillery, transporting units and engineers.

Every unit can move and merge with another of the same type. You can make a path by clicking on lighted fields (obviously you can bend it). To end path, click on a hexagon two times. The unit will make as much moves as it's possible in its range
Land units can move only on land. Heavy units can't move on mountains nor attack anything placed on them. Land unit stops after stepping on mountain (beside of mountain troops).
Naval units can move on water and cities (even deep in land if they are connected :D ).
Aerial units can move everywhere. They can be attacked in cities or if an enemy unit goes into hexagon where they are placed.
Landing and airlift crafts can transport units beyond the sea (transportowce nie biorą ciężkich).
Land units can also move on the bridges, built by engineers (to build a bridge, make a path across the water with engineering unit).

Units can obviously attack enemys. To attack another unit, make a path to an hexagon which surrounds enemy unit and click on it (it must be marked as red). You can also attack bridges.

Unit table:

Name Cost in money Cost in steel Speed Attack Defence Attack range Type of movement Behaviour
Infantry 8$ - 2 1 1 1 light unit normal unit
Tanks 16$ 2t 3 2 2 1 heavy unit normal unit Good to land offensive
Artillery 16$ 2t 1 1,6 0 3 heavy unit normal unit Good to land defense, easily destroys enemy units
Motorized infantry 12$ 1t 5 1 1 1 light unit normal unit
Mountain infantry 12$ - 2 1 1 1 light unit (mountain) normal unit
Anti-aircraft artillery 16$ 1t 1 1 0 3 heavy unit anti-aircraft unit Strucks aircrafts 2x more
Light warships 12$ - 3 1 1 2 naval unit normal unit
Battleships 20$ 2t 3 2 2 2 naval unit normal unit Virtually the best unit to take ports
Landing crafts 4$ - 3 - 0 - naval unit transport unit Cheap, but weak. Easy to take port cities with them.
Aircrafts 20$ 2t 8 1 0 2 aerial unit aerial unit Easily destroys normal artillery and strucks weakly defenced cities.
Airlift crafts 12$ 1t 8 - 0 - aerial unit Best way to take far cities.
Engineers 12$ - 2 - 0 1 light unit engineering unit They can build bridges and small cities.

5. Game panel (city is selected)

In the section at the top, you can change name of a city or sell steel.

In the section "units in the city" you can select one of units placed there.

Section "Tasks"

In the section "Tax" you can apply sending money to another city. After having clicked button "ACCEPT", make a path to another city. The longer path is, the more it costs. One field of a normal field/city takes 2$, water 8$, and mountain 5$.
In another subsection you can choose units to build. Their ultimate size can be set with slidebar "Size". Every unit which needs In the subsection "Upgrades" you can upgrade: population (precisely revenue), production of steel and industry.

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